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How to provide EV charging for Condominium
and Apartment buildings?


Looking for charging


Planning for charging


How to provide Ev charging


Support and programs


Check out our Charging 101 to learn the basic information about different charging options and locations that EV owners can use. Notice the importance of charging at your place of residence since that is by far the most convenient and affordable way to power your driving.  


Visit our Tools for tools, concepts and other useful resources. Our Power and Energy Calculator tool helps you figure out your charging needs and costs. Our Metering and Payment table shows different metering options and helps you figure out the right payment setup. And our Future Ready MUD Charging concept provides you with a basic model that you can use as a planning foundation.

What Is Your Role?


Shift2Electric is an EV business consulting and training company in Minnesota.
Since 2010 we have built impactful business strategies and solutions for:

  • Utility company EV programs

  • Apartment building and condominium charging

  • Workplace charging

  • DC fast charging

  • Regional charging infrastructure strategies

  • Auto dealer outreach and education

  • Corporate Lunch&Learn presentations

  • EV displays at events

  • Ride&Drives 

  • General education and training

Since 2013 we have worked  with building owners, managers, developers, utility companies, Multi Unit Dwelling (MUD) industry associations and other stakeholders to identify MUD EV charging barriers, develop innovative solutions and educate all stakeholders. Through that process we learned that the charging solutions for this area are not as complicated as expected, but the need for education, robust processes and advisory services is high. EVs and charging solutions have advanced a lot in recent years and utility companies are starting to take a more active role, so it is a good time to  figure out how to plan for a future-proofed EV charging infrastructure for your property. 

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